Direct to Digital Print

Direct to Digital Print means the drawings are done electronically, directly into the computer using a Wacom® stylus and Adobe® Photoshop®. (Who knows, maybe "they" will read this and offer a sponsorship... then I can move out of the "tent")

The Wacom "pen" is quite amazing as it can reproduce the look and feel of a pencil, my favorite medium for drawing. It can also give me the ability to create some nice ink washes as backgrounds too (with none of the messy ink!). A good old friend once said to me, "There's nothing like a pencil sketch". Now, that may sound quite plain or common or just plain mundane, but Ed was right and I agree wholeheartedly, there is just nothing like that look of pencil on paper. That is a big reason that there is no color to the first of the series that began in 2005. The other smaller reason is probably just laziness.  I do plan to begin some color work when I get back to drawing some new stuff. I'm not quite sure when that will be but I'm determined to start again.

Anyway- the art only exists electronically on a hard disk. When I print one out (on some nice conservation quality paper) I consider it an original. The prints are not limited however there may be some limited editions in the future. So that's the story- that is what "Direct to Digital Print" means- and it's pretty cool, eh?

So when you purchase a print of any of the many hilarious cartoons (or even the ones that are not so funny, or just "not" funny) you will be getting an original print on 100% cotton, conservation quality paper, signed by me (the artist, just in case you were not following) and we will also be offering them in frames eventually. If you are reading this and they are available in frames, well- I forgot to come back and rewrite this.

That's it. End of story. They are good as gifts- great for the goofy people in your life. (They are the best!)